Adrien's Images

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(All images copyright 2001-2004, Adrien Treuille.)

Europe (Spring, 2004)

A leaf in the pond. Orchaise, France. Moutain biking in the Vercors. Skiing in the French Alpes. With my cousin Clotilde, skiing in the French Alpes.
Not deep enough?!?... ...ok, this better be deep enough! Waterfountain. Annecy, France. After windsurfing with my brother. Trouville, France.
Aaron ponders where to go next in Cinqueterre. Cinqueterre, Italy. Easter with my family. Orchaise, France.

Whistler, Canada (Winter 2004)

My siblings and me. Evan (my brother's friend), me, and Philippe (my brother). My sisters.

Washington (Spring 2001)

My Graduation.

Mexico (Spring 2001)

Playing jazz at a club in Puerto Escondito At a restaurant in Oaxaca City. Playa Agustinio. The whole gang (except for me) near Playa Agustinio.