An Image of the Field

Red circle is the ball(diameter is 40mm) and Yellow circles are robots(150mm diamter)

Size and Color of parts of the field

Size (mm) Color Comments
base 2940(W) x 1725(L) x ??(H) Dark Green width and length is 200mm longer than the field size
Field Size 2740(W) x 1525(L) Dark Green
Wall height is 50 Wthile
Wall Thickness 10
Goal 500(W) x 100(L) x 100(H) Blue frame and net
Penalty Area 1000(W) x 225(L) field color

Size and Color of painted line and are on the field

place line width(mm) color comments
field border 20 white
center line 10 white
center circle diameter 150 white
penalty area 10 white
goal 500(W) x 100(L) blue Goal is built on this area
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