Interface Summary
SimulatedObject If you want to include a new object for TeamBots simulation, you must implement this interface.
SocRef methods of a Soccer Referee.

Class Summary
AttractorFlagSim A simple flag for capture the flac simulation.
AttractorPermSim A simple attractor for simulation.
AttractorSim A simple attractor for simulation.
BinSim A simple bin for depositing attractors.
GolfBallNoiseSim A noisy golfball for RoboCup Soccer.
GolfBallSim A golfball for RoboCup Soccer.
ObstacleInvisibleSim an invisible obstacle.
ObstacleSim an obstacle for simulation.
SocFieldSmallSim Draw an official RoboCup soccer field.
SquiggleBallSim implements a moving attractor for JavaBotSim simulation.