Class SquiggleBallSim


public class SquiggleBallSim
extends AttractorSim
implements SimulatedObject

implements a moving attractor for JavaBotSim simulation.

Copyright (c)2000 Tucker Balch

Field Summary
static boolean DEBUG
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void takeStep(long time_increment, SimulatedObject[] all_objs)
          Take a simulated step;
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Field Detail


public static final boolean DEBUG
Constructor Detail


public SquiggleBallSim()
Method Detail


public void takeStep(long time_increment,
                     SimulatedObject[] all_objs)
Take a simulated step;
Specified by:
takeStep in interface SimulatedObject
takeStep in class AttractorSim
Tags copied from interface: SimulatedObject
time_increment - how much time has elapsed since the last call.
all_objects - the other objects in the simulation.