Class GolfBallNoiseSim


public class GolfBallNoiseSim
extends GolfBallSim

A noisy golfball for RoboCup Soccer. Introduction
GolfBallNoiseSim implements a golf ball for RoboCup soccer simulations. The ball is also the scorekeeper and the referee; after all who would know better whether a scoring event occured?

A "shot clock" keeps track of how long since a scoring event occured. If it times-out, the ball is reset to the center of the field.

Copyright (c)2000 Tucker Balch

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void push(Vec2 d, Vec2 v)
          Handle a push.
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Constructor Detail


public GolfBallNoiseSim()
Method Detail


public void push(Vec2 d,
                 Vec2 v)
Handle a push. This is how to kick or push the ball.
push in class GolfBallSim
Tags copied from interface: SimulatedObject
d - the direction and distance of the push.
v - the velocity of the push.