Class AttractorPermSim

Direct Known Subclasses:
AttractorHurtPersonSim, AttractorPersonSim

public class AttractorPermSim
extends AttractorSim
implements SimulatedObject

A simple attractor for simulation. This attractor differs from AttractorSim in that it remains once it is putDown.

Copyright (c)2000 by Tucker Balch

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void putDown(Vec2 p)
          Try to put down the object.
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Constructor Detail


public AttractorPermSim()
Method Detail


public void putDown(Vec2 p)
Description copied from interface: SimulatedObject
Try to put down the object.
Specified by:
putDown in interface SimulatedObject
putDown in class AttractorSim
Tags copied from interface: SimulatedObject
p - the location of deposit.