Class va_Persist_va


public class va_Persist_va
extends NodeVec2Array

Remember Vec2s for a given period of time. If a new vector arrives, close in value to one of the existing Vec2s, they are merged.

For detailed information on how to configure behaviors, see the Clay page.

Copyright (c)1997, 1998 Tucker Balch

Field Summary
static boolean DEBUG
          Turn debug printing on or off.
static int MAX_VECS
          Maximum number of Vec2s in memory.
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DEBUG, embedded_nodes
Constructor Summary
va_Persist_va(double p, double mr, NodeVec2Array im1)
          Instantiate a va_Persist_va node.
Method Summary
 Vec2[] Value(long timestamp)
          Return a Vec2Array that are the persistant values.
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Field Detail


public static final boolean DEBUG
Turn debug printing on or off.


public static final int MAX_VECS
Maximum number of Vec2s in memory.
Constructor Detail


public va_Persist_va(double p,
                     double mr,
                     NodeVec2Array im1)
Instantiate a va_Persist_va node.
p - double, the persistence in seconds.
mr - double, how close things must be to be considered the same.
im1 - NodeVec2Array, the embedded perceptual schema that generates a list of items to filter.
Method Detail


public Vec2[] Value(long timestamp)
Return a Vec2Array that are the persistant values.
Value in class NodeVec2Array
timestamp - long, only get new information if timestamp > than last call or timestamp == -1.
the array.