Class va_FilterOutClose_vva


public class va_FilterOutClose_vva
extends NodeVec2Array

Remove Vec2s that are close to a location from a list of Vec2s. This was used in the Find Life on Mars Competition to ignore attractor objects close to the door of a bin.

For detailed information on how to configure behaviors, see the Clay page.

Copyright (c)1997, 1998 Tucker Balch

Field Summary
static boolean DEBUG
          Turns debug printing on or off.
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DEBUG, embedded_nodes
Constructor Summary
va_FilterOutClose_vva(double r, NodeVec2 im1, NodeVec2Array im2)
          Instantiate a va_FilterOutClose_vva node.
Method Summary
 Vec2[] Value(long timestamp)
          Return a filtered Vec2Array.
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Field Detail


public static final boolean DEBUG
Turns debug printing on or off.
Constructor Detail


public va_FilterOutClose_vva(double r,
                             NodeVec2 im1,
                             NodeVec2Array im2)
Instantiate a va_FilterOutClose_vva node.
r - how close things must be to be ignored.
im1 - NodeVec2, the embedded node that points to the location to filter on.
im2 - NodeVec2Arry, the embedded node that generates a list of items to filter.
Method Detail


public Vec2[] Value(long timestamp)
Return a filtered Vec2Array.
Value in class NodeVec2Array
timestamp - long, only get new information if timestamp > than last call or timestamp == -1.
the filtered array of Vec2s.