Class b_WatchDog_s


public class b_WatchDog_s
extends NodeBoolean

Monitor a boolean node for true values. If embedded node does not go true before timeout, this node goes true.

For detailed information on how to configure behaviors, see the Clay page.

Copyright (c)1997, 1998 Tucker Balch

Field Summary
static boolean DEBUG
          Turn debug printing on or off.
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DEBUG, embedded_nodes
Constructor Summary
b_WatchDog_s(double t, double p, NodeScalar im1)
          Instantiate a b_WatchDog_s operator.
Method Summary
 boolean Value(long timestamp)
          Return a boolean WatchDog value.
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Field Detail


public static final boolean DEBUG
Turn debug printing on or off.
Constructor Detail


public b_WatchDog_s(double t,
                    double p,
                    NodeScalar im1)
Instantiate a b_WatchDog_s operator.
t - double, how long im1 can be false before a trigger (seconds).
p - double, how long a true value should persist (seconds) when triggered.
im1 - NodeScalar, the embedded node that generates a value to watch.
Method Detail


public boolean Value(long timestamp)
Return a boolean WatchDog value.
Value in class NodeBoolean
timestamp - long, only get new information if timestamp > than last call or timestamp == -1.
true or false.