Class NodeVec2

Direct Known Subclasses:
v_Attract_va, v_Average_va, v_Average_vv, v_Avoid_v, v_Avoid_va, v_Ball_r, v_Closest_va, v_EgoToGlobal_rv, v_FixedPoint_, v_GeoField_vav, v_GlobalPosition_r, v_GlobalToEgo_rv, v_Intercept_v, v_LinearAttraction_v, v_LinearAttraction_va, v_Localizer_rv, v_Noise_, v_OurGoal_r, v_Select_vai, v_StaticWeightedSum_va, v_SteerHeading_r, v_Subtract_vv, v_Swirl_vav, v_Swirl_vv, v_SwirlLeft_va, v_TheirGoal_r, v_WinnerTakeAll_va

public abstract class NodeVec2
extends Node

A Node that returns Vec2 values.

For detailed information on how to configure behaviors, see the Clay page.

Copyright (c)1997, 1998 Tucker Balch

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DEBUG, embedded_nodes
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  Vec2 Value(long timestamp)
          Get the Vec2 value.
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Constructor Detail


public NodeVec2()
Method Detail


public abstract Vec2 Value(long timestamp)
Get the Vec2 value. If you implement a NodeVec2, you need to define this method.
timestamp - long, the time of the request