Ral Partha

Fantasy Collector Series

Production Dates: 1982 to 1987
Sculptors: Tom Meier and Bob Charrette

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02-001  Wood Elf with Bow
02-002  Wood Elf with Bow and Sword
02-003  Wood Elf firing Bow
02-004  Wood Elf with pike
02-005  Wood Elf Cavalry with Spear
02-006  Sea Elf with Pike
02-007  Sea Elf Advancing with Pike
02-008  Sea Elf with Great Sword
02-009  High Elf Strikiing with Axe
02-010  High Elf with Sword
02-011  High Elf Advancing with Sword
02-012  High Elf with Spear
02-014  High Elf Firing Bow
02-015  High Elf Cavalry with Great Sword
02-016  Elf Horse Archer
02-019  Elf Command Group
02-020  Elf Chariot
02-021  Deep Elf Firing Bow
02-023  Deep Elf with Halbard
02-025  Deep Elf Cavalry with Lance


02-026  Halflings with Spears and Scythes
02-027  Halflings with Bows and Slings
02-028  Halflings with Axes and Swords
02-029  Mounted Halflings with Clubs and Axes
02-031  Dwarf Striking with Spear
02-033  Dwarf with Two-Handed Axe
02-034  Dwarf with Two-Handed Sword
02-035  Dwarf Striking with Axe
02-036  Dwarf Striking with Hammer
02-037  Dwarf Striking with Mattock
02-038  Dwarf with Crossbow
02-039  Dwarf Command Group


02-050  Goblin-Imp with Sword
02-051  Goblin-Imp Advancing with Spear
02-052  Goblin-Imp in Wolfskin with Sword
02-053  Goblin-Imp Throwing Spear
02-054  Goblin-Imp with Halbard
02-055  Goblin-Imp Archer
02-060  Goblin with Scimitar and Shield
02-061  Goblin with Mace and Chain
02-062  Armored Goblin Archer
02-063  Goblin Archer Loading
02-064  Goblin Archer Firing
02-065  Goblin with Sword
02-066  Goblin with Two Handed Axe
02-067  Goblin with Club
02-068  Goblin with Halbard
02-069  Goblin Command Group
02-070  Giant Goblin with Spear Overhead
02-072  Giant Goblin with Sword
02-073  Giant Goblin with Spear
02-075  Giant Goblin with Mace
02-078  War Machine
02-079  Giant Goblin Command Group
02-090  Great Wolf
02-093  Wolf Rider with Javelin
02-094  Wolf Rider with Bow
02-095  Wolf Rider with Sword
02-096  Wolf Rider with Spear

Collector Series Sets

02-101  Wood Elves
02-102  Sea Elves
02-103  High Elves
02-104  Depp Elves
02-105  Elf Cavalry
02-106  Dwarf War Party
02-107  Dwarf War Band
02-108  Goblin-Imp War Party
02-109  Goblin War Band
02-110  Goblin War Party
02-111  Giant Goblin War Party
02-112 Wolfrider Raiding Party

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