Metal Magic

Historical Heroes (15mm)

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Line Introduced: before 1992 Sculptor: Josef Ochmann
Line Discontinued: after 1992
P1001 cavalry command with general
P1002 cavalry command
P1003 infantry command
P1004 heavy cavalry
P1005 medium cavalry
P1006 medium infantry
P1007 archers
P1008 Gepid/Lombard nobles
P1009 Lombard archers
P1010 Frankish infantry
P1011 EHC-command with general
P1012 Extra-Heavy cavalry

Late Romans
P1101 legionaires
P1102 infantry command
P1103 heavy cavalry command with general
P1104 auxiliary troops
P1105 slingers
P1106 legionary skirmishers
P1107 archers
P1108 cataphracts
P1109 Clibanarii
P1110 riders with lance
P1111 heavy cavalry
P1112 light cavalry
P1113 mounted archers
P1114 SHC-command
P1115 staff slingers
P1116 camel riders
P1117 light cavalry command
P1118 Equites Indigenae

Armies of Hellenism
P1201 Alexander and officers
P1202 Boiotian lance riders
P1203 Prodromoi
P1204 Thessalian heavy cavalry
P1205 Greek heavy cavalry
P1206 Thracian light cavalry
P1207 Greek infantry command
P1208 Hypaspists
P1209 early Macedonian phalangites
P1210 heavy infantry hoplites
P1211 medium infantry hoplites
P1212 Peltasts
P1213 Greek skirmishers with spear
P1214 Greek archers
P1215 Cretan archers
P1216 Greek slingers
P1217 successor and officers
P1218 Kappadokian extra-heavy cavalry
P1219 Arachosian light cavalry
P1220 Seleucid phalangites
P1221 Persian slingers
P1222 Persian archers
P1223 Greek phalangites
P1224 Thracians with longspear
P1225 Thracians with throwing spear
P1226 Thracians with rhomphaia
P1227 general and officers without shield
P1228 Greek light cavalry with shield
P1229 late Macedonian phalangites
P1230 badly-equipped phalangites
P1231 Thureophoroi
P1232 Thorakitai 
P1233 general and officers with shield
P1234 Greek heavy cavalry with shield
P1235 Macedonian heavy cavalry with shield
P1236 riders with Phrygian helmet
P1237 Illyrian light cavalry with shield
P1238 Seleucid general and officers
P1239 Seleucid extra-heavy cavalry
P1240 Seleucid cataphracts
P1241 Scythian light cavalry
P1242 Argyraspids
P1243 Elymaian archers
P1244 Babylonian archers
P1245 Graeco-bactrian general and officers
P1246 Graeco-bactrian guard riders
P1247 Graeco-bactrian heavy cavalry
P1248 Graeco-bactrian extra-heavy cavalry
P1249 Bactrian light cavalry
P1250 Graeco-bactrian phalangites
P1251 Seleucid Argyraspids

Quin and Han - Chinese
P1301 cavalry command
P1302 heavy cavalry
P1303 mounted archers
P1304 infantry command
P1305 armored guard infantry with shield
P1306 armored guard infantry without shield
P1307 infantry without shield
P1308 armored archers
P1309 archers
P1310 armored crossbowmen
P1311 crossbowmen
P1312 heavy cavalry with crossbow
P1313 armored line infantry
P1314 line infantry with shield
P1315 armored guard archers

P1401 heavy cavalry command with general
P1402 heavy cavalry
P1403 medium cavalry
P1404 light cavalry command
P1405 huns with javelin
P1406 huns with bow
P1407 Alans
P1408 nomad riders on camels
P1409 dismounted light cavalry
P1410 light spearmen
P1411 light archers

Feudal Range
P2001 cavalry command ca. 1175
P2002 cavalry command ca. 1220
P2003 cavalry command ca. 1275
P2004 knights ca. 1175
P2005 knights ca. 1220
P2006 knights ca. 1275
P2007 Teutonics ca. 1275
P2008 unarmoured sergeants, 12th century
P2009 armoured sergeants, 12th century
P2010 armoured sergeants, 13th century
P2011 mounted crossbows
P2012 Pruzz light cavalry
P2013 Lithuanian light cavalry
P2014 Hungarian light cavalry
P2015 Hungarian heavy cavalry
P2016 Cuman light cavalry
P2017 Swabian knights ca. 1175
P2018 unarmoured spearmen, 12th century
P2019 armoured spearmen, 12th century
P2020 unarmoured spearmen, 13th century
P2021 armoured spearmen, 13th century
P2022 Flemish spearmen, 13th century
P2023 unarmoured crossbowmen, 12th century
P2024 armoured crossbowmen, 12th century
P2025 Italian crossbowmen, 13th century
P2026 unarmoured archers, 12th/13th century
P2027 Pruzz/Lithuanian skirmishers
P2028 Pruzz/Lithuanian archers
P2029 Pruzz/Lithuanian axemen
P2030 peasants with improvised weapons
P2031 peasants with pole weapons
P2032 peasants with ranged weapons
P2033 dismounted knights ca. 1275

P3001 Indian war elephant with 2 crew
P3002 Indian war elephant with 3 crew
P3003 Seleucid chariot with 4 horses
P3004 stakes
P3005 Chinese chariot with general and crew
P3006 Chinese chariot with officer and crew
P3007 Chinese chariot with archer and crew
P3008 Seleucid war elephant with howdah

P3501 Alexandrian Macedonian
P3502 Macedonain Early Successor
P3503 Hellenistic Greek
P3504 Later Hoplite Greek
P3505 Early Goth or Vandal
P3506 Early Frankish, Burgundian, Alamannic or Rugian
P3507 Patrician Rome
P3508 Hun
P3509 Chou China
P3510 Ch'in China
P3511 Han China
P3512 Early Imperialist
P3513 Feudal French
P3514 Prussian/Estonian
P3515 Lithuanian/Wend
P3516 Teutonic Order

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