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Wizzards and Warriors 

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W01  Halflings
W02  Mountain Dwarves - Swords & Hammers
W03  Mountain Dwarves - Axes & Bows
W04  Elves of the Forest - Swords & Bows
W05  Elves of the Forest - Spears
W06  Gnomes of the Rune Shidd
W07  Great Wood Treemen
W08  Good Men of the West - Bows
W09  Good Men of the West - Swords
W10  Good Men of the West - Spears & Axes
W11  Female Characters
W12  Northern Barbarians
W13  Sorcerers
W14  Specialists
W15  Orcs of the Eye - Swords & Axes
W16  Orcs of the Eye - Bows & Spears
W17  Orcs of the Hand - Axes & Swords
W18  Orcs of the Hand - Bows & Polearms
W19  Goblins of the Mount - Swords
W20  Goblins of the Mount - Axes & Spears
W21  Goblin Wolf Riders
W22  Kobolds
W23  Wood Trolls & Cave Trolls
W24  Mordor Command Paclc
W25  Chaotic Warriors of the East
W26  Berserlcers
W27  Mounted Dark Riders
W28  Fire Demon & Wraiths
W29  Slimes, Molds & Jellies
W30  Werewolves & Wererats
W31  Mummies & Ghouls
W32  Elementals
W33  Ogres & Giant
W34  Minotaurs & Medusas
W35  Zombies, Skeletons & Gargoyles
W36  Purple Worms & Giant Snakes
W37  Hydra
W38  Red Dragon
W39  Blue Dragon
W40  Wyverin
W41  Manicora
W42  War Mammoth
W43  Orc, Catapult
W44  Dart Thrower
W45  Vampires
W46  Thieves
W47  Maidens
W48  Townspeople
W50  Skeleton Command Group
W51  Skeleton Warriors
W52  Werebear, Bugbear, Owlbear
W53  Giant Ticks & Centipedes
W54  Giant Rats
W55  Giant Cave Spider
W56  Giant Purple Worm (blister)
W57  Giant Purple Worm Expansion Kit
W58  Carrion Creepers
W59  Rust, Cube & Ooze Monsters
Wizzards & Warriors Special Sets

SS01  Treasure
SS02  Magical Items
SS03  Weapons
SS04  Dungeon Items
SS05  Torture Chamber
SS06  Sorcerer's Room
SS07  The Temple
SS08  Treasure Vault
SS09  The Guard Room
SS10  Sorcerer's Chariot
SS11  Throne Room
SS12  Drunken Dragons Inn

Special #1  Giant Dragon
Special #2  Giant Griffin

Boxed Sets

WW08 Tomb of Spells (box)

Images and corrections provided by Ed McGowan, Terrance Gunn and Ashley Cotter-Cairns
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