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Line Introduced: before 1994 to 1996
Sculptors: Mark Copplestone, Bobby Jackson...

The figures were first released in packs of 5 in the UK. As a result, the odd figures were combined in strange pairings, and there were several never released in the US. 

Nemo Miniatures has re-released 1501-1581, 1901-1909 and 7101-7102. Email them for ordering information and prices. 
Boxed Sets

1575 Kill Zone (box)

Blister Packs

1501  Scavengers
1502  Robo Hunters
1503  Trooper Tac Squad
1504  Tac Squad Leaders
1505  Rebels
1506  Rebel Leaders
1507  Future Savages
1508  Future Savage Slashers
1509  Teen Robo Hunters
1510  Law Enforcers
1511  Tropers Heavy Weapons
1512  Military Laser Team
1513  Street Scum
1514  Heavy Metal Maniacs
1515  Heavy Metal Madmen
1516  Corporates
1517  Corporate Thug Body Guards
1518  Troopers, Sniper and  Leader
1519  Scavenger Heroes
1520  NBC Warfare Troopers
1521  Power Armor
1522  Power Armor with Laser
1523  Savage Flamer Team
1524  Satellite Communications Team
1525  Overlords
1526  Street Bike with Uzi Rider
1527  Street Bike with Samuria Rider
1528  Bike Gang Members
1529  Biker Babes
1530  Rebel Women
1531  Biker-Types with Guns
1532  Network 92 Live Direct Media Team
1533  Network 92 Live Direct Terror Squad
1534  Secret Agents
1535  Anti-Terrorist Agents
1536  Corporate Swat Guard with Robot Gun
1537  Data Banks, Terminals and Comms
1538  Sidecar Weapons Module Add-Ons
1539  Future Savage "Hog" Cycle and Rider
1540  Rebel Assault Team
1541  Corporate Guard Response Team
1542  Cyborgs: Model C-1
1543  Trooper Tac Squad
1544  The "Pack" Scav Gangers
1545  Scavenger on ATV
1546  Cyborg Flamer Team
1547  Cyborg Command and Communication
1548  Cyborg Heavy Weapons Team
1549  Rebel Sniper Team
1550  Rebel Heavy Weapons Team
1580  Vincent Bloodstone's Colonial Troopers
1581  Power Armor "Machines"
1582  20mm Square Slotted Bases

These two were released late, but were actually sculpted well before the remainder of the line.  They have cast-on bases instead of slot bases.

1598  Lou's Ladies
1599  Dwane's Dames (blister pack)

Resin Vehicles

1901  Scarab Agv
1902  Battle Wagon UV
1903  Street Gang Car
1904  Lightning Strike Buggy
1905  Strike Helcoptar
1906  Corporate Sports Car
1907  Armadillo Armored  Dreadnaut
1908  Starfish MECV
1909  Law Enforcer Phantom
1910  Count Bloodstone's Support Tank


7101  Assault Walker
7102  Arachnodroid
7103  Assault Walker, Bloodwagon
7104  Assault Scout Walker

When Grenadier closed, these figures were returned to the sculptors, who released of them as Demonblade Games.

7201  Shroud Sisters Troopers
7202  Shroud Sisters Squad Leader & ?
7203  Shroud Sisters Special Weapon
7204  Shroud Sisters Heavy Weapon
7205  Zealot Priest
7206  Zealot Priest
7207  Evil Orb Clan
7208  Gory Axe Clan
7209  Nightface Clan
7210  Serpent Heads Clan
7211  Shock Force Leader and Trooper
7212  Shock Force Special Weapons
7213  Heavy Weapons Laser Cannon and Crew
7214  Shock Force Troopers
7215  Shock Force Lieutenant
7216  Shock force Colonal
7217  Shock Force Special Weapons Team
7218  Shock Force Missile Launcher
7219  Evil Orb Special Weapons Team
7220  Techno Cleric
7221  Shock Force Heavy Thumper and Crew
7222  Shock Force Heavy Auto Cannon
7223  Orc "Royals" #1
7224  Orc "Royals" #2
7225  Space Orc Strike Biker

Additions and images by Tim Peterson and Steve Del Toro
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