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P1    Wizard, Woodsman, Dwarf King
P2    Goblin (Orc) Captain
P3    Pegasi (Winged Horses)
P4    Hippogriff and Unicorn
P5    Saurian Captains and Champions
P6    Superhero and Superheroine

The following sets all contained one figure in two poses, mounted and dismounted.

P7    Adventurer or Theif
P8    High Elven Hero King
P9    Rogue or Theif
P10  Sorceror
P11  Swordswoman with Sword and Spear
P12  Rictus the Zombie King
P13  Swordsman Kane in Scale Armor
P14  Sorceress
P15  Cleric in Mitred Helm
P16  Fool or Jester
P17  Bard or Harpist
P18  Swordsman Roland with Sheild and Scale Armor
P19  Elfin Enchanter
P20  Female Theif or Rogue
P21  Silent Stalker
P22  Gladius - Hero in Roman Armour
P23  Barbarian Hero Wearing Vulture Helmet
P24  Rachir and Red Archer Ranger/Fighter
P25  High Elfin Warrior Maiden
P26  Gundar the Barbarian with Axe and Shield
P27  Subotai the Mongol
P28  Swashbuckler Swordsman
P29  Dwarf Adventurer or Thief
P30  Masked Magician
P31  Shaman Casting Spells & Psuedo Dragon
P32  Brunhilda, Barbarian Warrior Maiden
P33  Ali-Baba, Arabian Type Fighter
P34  Female Ranger with Bow
P35  Witch or Hag with Broomstick
P36  Paladin with Lance and Sword
P37  Halfling Adventurer Theif
P38  Halfling Female Adventurer or Theif
P39  Fighter with Spear and Sword
P40  Female Dwarf Adveturer or Theif
P41  Halfling Magician
P42  Elfin Theif, or Adventurer
P43  Celtic Wizard
P44  Bullrider, A superhero
P45  Wing Chu, Chinese Fighter
P46  Sword and Dagger Fighter
P47  Swordswoman or Theif
P48  Celtic Warrior Prince
P49  Dwarf Fighter, Axe And Helmet
P50  Dwarf Warrior in Chainmail
P51  Persian on Camel

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