LGY 0: Arrival

LGY 0-50: Settlement of Hope and Axia

LGY 43: Pioneers Leave

LGY 50-100: Republican Period

LGY 53: Formation of the Scouting and Survey Office

LGY 65: Hope Shipyards Constructed

LGY 74: First Scout Fleets Organized

LGY 77: First Encounter with Ixians

LGY 82: Negotiations with with Ixians

LGY 84: Treaty of Marr Signed

LGY 100-140: Period of Unrest

LGY 115-125: Military Buildup

LGY 119: Formation of the Labor Unions

LGY 128-142: Ixian Wars

LGY 128: Conscription Act

LGY 142: Treaty of Ix

LGY 142-150: Period of Economic Depression

LGY 147: Hawks Control Senate

LGY 149: Attack on ______

LGY 149-154: 2nd Ixian Wars

LGY 155: Jasnou Returns to Hope

LGY 155-170: More Economic Decline

LGY 168: Formation of the Imperial Charter Board

LGY 169: Senate Regains Some Power

LGY 169: Boru Seated

LGY 170: Formation of the Imperial Revenue Service

LGY 170-240: 2nd Expansion

LGY 175: Formation of the Imperial Naval Police

LGY 177-185: Ixian Skirmishes

LGY 196: Emperor Jasnou Dies and is Replaced by Emperor Dagoth

LGY 238: Dagoth Dies and is Replaced by Vox I

LGY 240-290: Settlement Period

LGY 247: Boolean Encountered

LGY 250: Boolean War

LGY 251: Booleans Given Status as Conquered Colony

LGY 252: First Boolean Rebuilding Act

LGY 259: Passage of the Succession Act

LGY 289: Emperor Vox I Dies and is Replaced by Vox II

LGY 228-240 / 260-265 / 282-290: Senate Places Hold on New Charters

LGY 291-307: Ixian Wars

LGY 303: Boolean Civil War

LGY 304: Consul Jons Snoke is Impeached

LGY 306: Vox Pressures Senate

LGY 307: Vox Treaty

LGY 307: Assassination of Emperor Vox II

LGY 307-310: Civil War

310 Formation of Fleet

LGY 311: Second Boolean Rebuilding Act is Rebuffed

LGY 312: Qui-Ling Shipping Company Formed

LGY 310-340: Rebuilding

LGY 325: Contact with Old Empire Broken

LGY 326-333: Economic Troubles

LGY 336: Qui-Ling Seated

LGY 340-380: 3rd Expansion Period

LGY 345: Settlement of New Chicago

LGY 346: Salidnium Found on New Chicago

LGY 349: New Chicago Resettlement Act

LGY 350: Boolean Queen Dies From Genetic Defect A New Queen Takes Over

LGY 351: Ultos Richaard Visits Bool Worlds

LGY 351: New Chicago Shipyard Construction Begun

LGY 353: Boolean Society Begins Restructuring Under Corporate Lines

LGY 363: Zibeth dies and is Replaced by Empress Tilia

LGY 363: 0001 Formed

LGY 371: New Chicago Ecosystem Found to be Extremely Delicate

LGY 372: First Contact Made with Pioneers

LGY 372-383: Empire Continues to Encroach on Pioneers

LGY 380-395: Pioneer Wars

LGY 381: Tilia Dies and is Replaced by Emperor Mitschu

LGY 382: Pioneer Wars Begin

LGY 387: Pioneers Conquered

LGY 387-395: Pioneers Continue to Battle Even After the War is Lost

LGY 395-425: Reformation of the Pioneer Territory

LGY 405: Pioneer Jobs Act

LGY 407: Pioneer Citizenship Act

LGY 400-425: Pirate and Terrrorist Actions Continue

LGY 404: INP HQ Moved to New Chicago

LGY 429: New Chicago Undergoes Environmental Collapse

LGY 429: Ursine Encountered

LGY 425-530: Final Settlement Period

LGY 433: Human/Ursine Treaties Signed

LGY 441-443: Human/Ursine Defence Pacts Signed

LGY 443 Anarch Ships Encountered

LGY 447-459: Pirate Wars

LGY 457: Restructuring of INP and Fleet Consul

LGY 481: Emperor Mitschu Dies and is Replaced by Adashi

LGY 505: Emperor Adashi Dies and is Replaced by Regulus

LGY 529: Empire Reaches Modern Borders

LGY 530-555: Many New Families Arise and Change the Senate

LGY 544: Emperor Regulus Dies and is Replaced by Armagus

LGY 546-551: New Charter Taxes Approved by Senate

LGY 551-553: Unrest in Colonies Heated Debates in the Senate

LGY 553-555: Tensions Between Factions Grows

LGY 553: Northeast Boycott Begins

LGY 555: Tarkainen Placed Under Arrest for Insulting Emperor

LGY 556: Tarkainen Set Free Takes ISS Tempest and Other Ships

LGY 556: Free Federation Formed

LGY 556-564: Civil War

LGY 557: Takabe Strikes Out Against the Rebellious Senator

LGY 562: Tarkainen Offers a Cease Fire in Exchange for his Family

LGY 564: Cease Fire Declared

LGY 564-589: Cold War Period

LGY 566: Ixian Tensions Increase

LGY 569-572: Ixian Skirmishes

LGY 574: Armagus Begins Military Initiative

LGY 580: Increased Production Puts Strain on Salidnium Supply

LGY 586-589: Mining Strikes

LGY 590-620: War of Redemption

LGY 591: Armagus Dies and is Replaced by Armagus II

LGY 592 Armagus II Names Harshel Baiern Consul of NE Fleet

LGY 593 War of Redemption Begins

LGY 595 Salidnium Demands Again Increase

LGY 599 Empire Makes Huge Gains in Federation Space

LGY 600 Ixians Aid the Free Federation

LGY 603 Federation Pushes Imperial Navy Back

LGY 604: Mine Strike on Icin Put Down with Violence

LGY 604: Pirate Fleets Appear in Deneri Sector

LGY 605-619: War Stalemated

LGY 620: Treaty Signed

LGY 604-625: Period of Unrest in Deneri Sector

LGY 607-614: Pirate Fleet Led by Julius Nemo Attack Imperial Fuel Tankers

LGY 616: Bombing Causes Severe Penalties by Senate

LGY 617: Imperial Marines Move in and Occupy Several Pioneer Planets

LGY 620: Julius Nemo Captured

LGY 625-660: Period of Uneasy Peace

LGY 631: First Pioneer Family Seated

LGY 660-670: Elanrus War

LGY 661: Landry Kite Becomes Head of GMU

LGY 664-668: General Strike

LGY 669: Police Called in to End Strike/Turley Incident

LGY 670: Kite Declares Rebellion