Todd E. Phillips


As of January 2011, I am working as a Software Engineer at Google Pittsburgh.

Formerly part of Computer Science Department
at Carnegie Mellon University
Advisor: Gary Miller
Home: (412) 983-2169
Email: toddphillips at gmail dot com

Hiking at Ohiopyle State Park with Emma the dog


Fall Semester 2006, I was a TA for 15-251 Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science
Spring Semester 2005, I was a TA for 15-451 Algorithms

Research Interests

I work in Algorithm Design and Computational Geometry. My main research focus has been on Meshing Algorithms. The goal of Meshing is to discretize a geometric domain into simple pieces such as triangles or tetrahedra. In particular, one seeks guarantees about the element-size, element-shape, output-size (number of elements) in the mesh, as well as the usual algorithmic guarantees on time and space complexity.

Currently, I spend most of my time on meshing algorithms with efficient worst-case asymptotic runtimes. Many meshing algorithms have $O(n^2)$ or worse runtime on bad inputs. We have shown that is possible and practical to reduce this to roughly $O(n\log n)$ using simple Sparse Refinement techniques to modify existing algorithms.

Research / Publications

Sangria project.
TUMBLE Software package.
Sparse Voronoi Refinement Meshing Code.

Some Mesh Pictures from a Project on Multiscale Astrophysics:
A really big mesh of the Steelers logo: