SCS Muralidhar Talupur CMU

Welcome to my web page! I am a PhD student working with Prof. Ed Clarke at Carnegie Mellon University. I am primarily interested in  formal verification of software and hardware systems. I am also interested in theorem proving,  and decision procedure research. See below for more information.

I grew up in the hot and dry city of Hyderabad in India. I went to IIT-Madras (aka IIT-Chennai) to do my under-graduate studies in Computer Science (B.Tech 2000).  After that I joined the Computer Science Department at CMU to pursue my Ph.D. See my resume for more details.

Research Interests
During the course of my graduate studies I have worked or am working on the following topics: Hardware VerificationParameterized Verification, decision procedures for Difference Logic, and verification of  Real time Systems. See my research page for more details. Here are my  publications.

Besides these topics, I am also interested in theorem proving, static analysis, distributed computing, and algorithms.  Outside of standard computer science topics, I am  interested in the effects of cheap and pervasive computing on society, although I have not gotten a chance to spend much time on this topic.

Other Interests
When not thinking about formal verification, I wonder why no trace of extra-terrestrial intelligence has been found yet. Here is a good book that deals with this topic. Here is another better book on the same topic. If you are interested in reading folk tales, fables etc here is a good resource on the web. I also like reading  Scientific American and New Scientist.

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