Course Policies and Requirements

Requirements for Passing

To pass this course, you have to
  • attend all classes except for at most two,
  • hand in all but at most two quizzes,
  • successfully turn in all written assignments,
  • successfully carry out the project assignment, and
  • successfully carry out a small research project, which includes writing a project proposal, carrying out the research, and writing a final project report.

Policies on Quizzes

Regularly during the semester we will be handing out short quizzes on the reading that was due on that day. The scores on those quizzes will be part of the final grade (see below). For the final grade, we will drop the two lowest scores on quizzes andonly count the remaining ones. It is a requirement that you miss no more than two quizzes.

Policies on Handing in Assignments

  • Everything has to be turned in, even if late.
  • Assignments turned in up to 48 hours after deadline will count 50%.
  • Assignments turned in after this point will be worth zero credit (but still have to be turned in).
  • The instructors prefers to run this course paper-free. All assignments should be turned in electronically via email to

Policy on Teaming

Students will be allowed to work in teams of up to three students when carrying out an assignment.

Policy on Grading

The grade will break down as follows:

  • Classroom presence and participation: 5%
  • Quizzes: 15%
  • Written assignments: 15%
  • The warm-up project assignment: 15%
  • Research project: 50%
  • Notice: There will be no exams in this course.


  • Announcements will be made on this Web site. Students should periodically screen this Web site for possible announcements and policy changes.