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I am interested in field mobile robots, human-robot interaction, and virtual environments. While at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), I worked on Advanced Teleoperation Interfaces for remote driving including the Web Pioneer, the GestureDriver and the PdaDriver. In my Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Ph.D. thesis (defense slides), I developed a new system model for teleoperation called Collaborative Control.

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What's the difference between CMU and EPFL? Well, here are some images: CMU aerial (52KB), EPFL aerial (128KB), EPFL and the Chablais (86KB), and EPFL panorama (256KB, merci Laurent!). Note: the panorama is very large (3041x491), so you may have to scroll to see the entire image. Also, you'd never see these (close-up) nor these (yes, that is my office building) at CMU!

In my spare time, I'm working on Project K (MPEG 424KB) and playing Ultimate Frisbee. When I was at EPFL, I co-founded and was president of FLY HIGH LOWsanne. I also played with the Geneva Wizards.

For a fascinating glimpse of Lausanne, take a look at ETA: Five Seconds.

Here are some surprising things about Switzerland (especially for Americans).

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And, finally, for all you GGB fans: August 2003 panorama (193KB, 2048x423)

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