15292 History of Computing

History of Computing



Print out this page, read the academic integrity policy carefully and then sign and fill in the required information. Hand this page in by the published due date.

It is expected that you will complete each assignment on your own, and each answer you submit represents your own work and not someone else's work, in full or in part. In other words, do your own work.

You can talk about the assignments with your peers or a TA in order to understand what you are being asked to do, but when you develop your submission, it should be YOUR work. If you use authorized sources as part of your work (e.g. in the term paper or computing assignments), you must cite these sources properly. Direct quotations taken from other work must be quoted and cited properly. Use of images or other artifacts not developed by you must be documented correctly. Failure to do so can result in a charge of plagiarism. Program code that you submit must be your own work. Your computing assignment solutions must not be copied from the Internet and must not be partially or wholly written by another person unless allowed by your instructor. You may use additional libraries in your programs, but the source of these libraries should be cited in your code.

If you are having trouble keeping up with the workload due to personal issues, your best action is to see your instructors rather than copy someone else's work. Your instructors can help you work toward a solution and will be very happy to assist.

During exams, your work must be your own with no communication between you and others (except course staff) during the exams, and you may not use any unauthorized materials during the exam.

Students who violate this policy will be charged with academic dishonesty that can result in failure in this course and possible expulsion from Carnegie Mellon University. Review the official University Code for more information at: http://www.cmu.edu/policies/student-and-student-life/academic-integrity.html

By signing below, I have read the statements above and have reviewed the University's policy for cheating and plagiarism, and I will abide by these policies in this course.

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