15110 Principles of Computing

Principles of Computing

FALL 2011

NOTE: This is NOT the current semester for 15-110. If you are looking for the current semester, check with your instructor for the correct website.



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There are two types of assignments you will complete in this course. Written assignments help you test your understanding of conceptual concepts in this course. Online/programming assignments help you test your programming skills or use of other online tools presented in class.

Policy on Written Assignments

Each written assignment should be typed (or very neatly hand-written) , stapled, and handed in on the given due date at the start of the class. All written assignments will be due on Fridays unless noted otherwise. There will be 11 written assignments, and we will drop the lowest grade of these assignments. All written assignments must be handed in on time; no late written assignments will be accepted.

Policy on Online/Programming Assignments

Each online and programming assignment should be submitted electronically by the end of the day on the given due date. All online/programming assignments will be due on Tuesdays (by 11:59PM) unless noted otherwise. There will be 11 online/programming assignments, and we will drop the lowest grade of the first 9 of these assignments. The first 9 online/programming assignments must be handed in on time; no late online/programming assignments will be accepted for the first 9 of these assignments. The last two programming assignments are required and cannot be dropped, but we will allow you to hand in these two assignments late with a penalty.

Academic Integrity

Remember that all work you submit must be your own work. You may ask others general questions about the assignments or course material, but you cannot share your answers to assignments or use all or part of another's solution. If you use material from another source, such as a quotation or code fragment, you should cite your source and check with the instructors to be sure you are not plagiarizing or committing academic dishonesty.

Written Assignments

Written Assignment 0 (pdf) * Due Fri, Sept 2  
Written Assignment 1 Due Fri, Sept 9 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 2 Due Fri, Sept 16 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 3 Due Fri, Sept 23 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 4 Due Fri, Oct 7 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 5 Due Fri, Oct 14 Sample Answers, Graph (jpg)
Written Assignment 6 Due Thu, Oct 20 Sample Answers, Huffman Tree (png)
Written Assignment 7 Due Fri, Oct 28 Sample Answers, Circuit Drawings (pdf)
Written Assignment 8 Due Fri, Nov 4 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 9 Due Fri, Nov 11 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 10 Due Fri, Nov 18 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 11 Due Fri, Dec 2 Sample Answers
Written Assignment 12 practice only Sample Answers

Online/Programming Assignments

Instructions for Electronic Handin
RubyLabs Setup
Remote Access Instructions

Programming Assignment 1 Due Tues, Sept 6 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 2 Due Tues, Sept 13 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 3 Due Tues, Sept 20 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 4 Due Tues, Sept 27 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 5 Due Tues, Oct 11 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 6 Due Tues, Oct 18 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 7 Due Tues, Oct 25 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 8 Due Tues, Nov 8 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 9 Due Tues, Nov 15 Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 10** Due Tues, Nov 22
Late Due Date: Sat, Nov 26
Sample Answers
Programming Assignment 11** Due Tues, Dec 6
Late Due Date: Fri, Dec 9
Sample Answers

*Written assignment 0 is not graded, but you must hand this in to receive grades for all other assignments.

**Programming assignments 10 and 11 cannot be dropped but can be handed in late by the published late due date with a 2 point penalty.