Todd C. Mowry: Publications

Unfortunately I do not update the list of papers below on a regular basis. A better way to find my recent papers is to look on the web pages of my current students, or you can find most of them here on my DBLP link.

Additional papers can be found by following these links:

Thread-Level Speculation: ( The STAMPede Project)

Improving Database CPU Cache Performance: The Cache-Resident Database (CRDB) Project

Improving Join Performance:

Improving Index Performance:

Improving Memory Hierarchy Performance: ( The Profet Project)

Prefetching Data from Memory into Cache:

Prefetching Data from Disk into Memory:

Prefetching Instructions:

Facilitating Data Layout Optimizations:

Predicting When Cache Misses Occur:

Informing Memory Operations:

Tolerating Network Latencies:

Other Compiler/OS Optimizations:

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