Computer Systems Seminars

Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 1998 Schedule

October 5th, 1998:
Billions and Billions of Devices Served: Fundamental Challenges for the Network Age, by Dr. Greg Papadopoulos, Chief Technology Officer of Sun Microsystems.

October 26th, 1998:
Programmable Communication Systems, by Prof. John Guttag, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT.

Friday, November 6th, 1998:
The Scout Operating System, by Prof. Larry Peterson, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University.

November 23rd, 1998:
Microelectromechanical Systems, by Prof. Kaigham Gabriel, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, CMU.

December 7th, 1998:
Reflections Down the Line, by Prof. Michael Flynn, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University.

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