The FeatureSet Object

Feature Description file format

For a training of the speech recognizer, a test or other purposes a feature file or a recorded speech signal is processed in the same way many times. For that reason a 'feature description' can be defined with the method setDesc. The argument is used as part of a Tcl procedure that will be called to generate a new set of features. The name of the procedure is featureSetEval<$fes> where $fes is the name of the FeatureSet object. Those procedures can be shown with the Tcl command 'info body <procedure_name>'.

% FeatureSet fs
% fs setDesc @featDesc
% fs eval {{IN filename1} {OUT filename2}}
This is a simple JANUS script that defines a FeatureSet and reads the 'feature description' from a file 'featDesc'. Then the processing is done using 2 filenames. The arguments are passed as a {variable value} list. The filenames can be accessed by $arg(IN) and $arg(OUT) in the 'feature description' procedure. For training or recognition the eval method can be called by other Janus objects using for example entries from the database. If that is not exactly the information needed in the 'feature description' an 'access description' can be defined with the method setAccess. Here some example 'feature descriptions':
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