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"I think the reason dance has held such an ageless magic for the world is that it has been the symbol of the performance of living"
-- Martha Graham

"No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction; a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us ore alive than the others.
-- Martha Graham

"For me, those bright mornings when we rehearsed in Central Park were the first irrefutable proof that being alive was worth it."
-- Alma Guillermoprietto "Dancing in the city, A time when only one thing mattered." Appeared in the New Yorker Feb 10, 2003.


I have danced for many many years. I have been very thin, not so thin, very strong, not so strong, injured, somewhat recovered..... the important thing is that dancing has remained as the only artistic form that I still express myself in front of others -- along the way, I had wanted to be a cheer-leader, a broadway dancer and an acrobat. But in the end, Mathematics have taken all my time and my senses. Day-lights are measured by how much they are left so that I can still finish what I was doing before the night falls.

I started practicing Martha Graham technique in 1999 with my wonderful teacher and a great friend, Daria Ward. I somehow am very detached from Modern dance nowadays as I have fallen completely in love with the classical ballet. But I loved Modern Dance when I was young, and I guess for its energy and kinetics. But Ballet is so much more consuming in my eyes in every way than anything else now -- under the surface of the grace, the elegance, and the lightness were all the routines practiced over and over again till exhaustion to reach the limit of each individual dancer. When you are not exhausted, you are not satisfied, and you become very sad.

The picture was taken of Erin and me demonstrating for the beginner class many years ago by a student studying sculpture.

The best thing about dancing is you are more alive than any other moment when you dance. And when you do not, you know such moments exist.

I was inspired greatly by the legendary dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov even before I started my dancing in college. Through him, I know what it means to be contemporary, a term I learned after I came to the states.

Finally, my favorite place to dance and practice yoga is on a big broad warm beach while breathing with the waves. Otherwise, doing somersault and hand standing felt great on top of the big meadow of Schenley Park in Pittsburgh when I was really thin.

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