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About EMMA

We have developed the Enterprise Modeling and Management Architecture (EMMA) as a tool for facilitating information dissemination and cooperation of the heterogeneous functions of an enterprise. EMMA plays an active role in accessing and communication of information, and also provides appropriate protocols for the distribution, coordination and negotiation of tasks and outcomes. EMMA is divided into six layers: Network layer, Data layer, Information layer, Organization layer, Coordination layer and Market layer. Each of these layers provides part of the needed functionality and protocols

EMMA Publications

1. Sycara, K. and Roboam, M. "EMMA: An Architecture for Enterprise Modeling and Integration", In Distributed Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Praxis, N. Avouris and L. Gasser (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992.

2. Roboam, M., Sycara, K., and Fox, M., "Organization Modeling as a Platform for Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems". In Proceedings of the Fourth IFIP Conference on Computer Applications in Production and Engineering, Bordeaux, France, September 1991.

3. Sycara, K. and Roboam, M., "Intelligent Information Infrastructure for Group Decision and Negotiation Support of Concurrent Engineering". In Proceedings of the 24th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, January, 1991.

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