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CDM Course

If you are looking for the CDM course (last incarnation spring 2021) go to CDM.

DMP Notes

Some additional material for the Discrete Math Primer (last incarnation summer 2021) can be found here DMP Notes.

Automata Package

Automata is a Mathematica package that manipulates finite state machines. A few operations and syntactic semigroups and one-dimensional cellular automata are also available. The version posted here may be less stable than one on the paclet repository. The help browser definitely needs work. You can get some idea of the available functionality by looking at the demo notebook below. All the computations in the notebook should execute without any issues, let me know if there is a problem. More to follow.

Automata-1.0.2.paclet Requires Mathematica 13+.
Automata-Demo.nb Usage examples of the package.