Suruchi Shah


Pittsburgh, PA

I am a graduate student, doing my MS in Intelligent Information Systems (MIIS) in School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Suruchi Shah
  • Suruchi Shah
  • Pittsburgh , PA
  • suruchi.shah[at]gmail[dot]com

I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am pursuing my MS in Intelligent Information Systems from the School of Computer Science.

I recently interned at BloomReach, Inc. in Mountain View as an Engineering Intern. I primarily worked on SolrCloud.

Education, Awards and Activities

  • Carnegie Mellon University

    M.S. in Intelligent Information Systems (School of Computer Science)

      August 2014 - December 2015

    GPA: 3.76
    Relevant Courses:
    - Machine Learning (10-601)
    - Speech Recognition and Understanding (11-751)
    - Search Engines (11-642)
    - Natural Language Processing (11-611)
    - Machine Learning for Large Datasets (10-605)
    - Language and Statistics (11-761)

  • Purdue University

    B.S. in Computer and Information Technology

      August 2009-December 2012

    GPA: 3.86/4.0
    Relevant Courses:
    Business Process Modeling Notation 2.0, Packaged Application Software, Programming Robotics and Sensors, Mobile Computing on Windows platform, Enterprise Application Architecture, Biomedical Informatics, Programming in C#, Object Oriented Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, PL/SQL

  • First Place - Database Design 2012
    Association of IT Professionals (AITP)

    National Collegiate Conference 2012

  • Second Place - Systems Analysis and Design 2012
    Association of IT Professionals (AITP)

    National Collegiate Conference 2012

  • First Place - Case Competition 2010
    Boston Scientific

    Placed first in the Boston Scientific Case Competition representing Purdue University

  • Scholarship 2010
    Anita Borg Institute

    Won the scholarship during the Indiana Women in Computing Conference

  • Honorable Mention 2011

    Microsoft Imagine Cup Contest

  • Vice President 2011 - 2012
    Association of IT Professionals (AITP)
  • Student Representative 2010 - 2012
    College of Technology Dean's Advisory Committee
  • Student Ambassador 2009 - 2012
    College of Technology, Purdue University
  • Student Representative 2011 - 2012
    Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for CIT Department
  • Active Member and Sessions Organizer 2009 - 2014
    Women in Technology

Work Experience

  • Engineering Intern   May 2015 - August 2015

    BloomReach, Mountain View, CA

    I have designed and implemented the SolrCloud Rebalance API. This new API allows robust index and config manipulation in SolrCloud while guaranteeing zero downtime using various Scaling and Allocation strategies.It is built in a generic way to enable plugging in of new scaling mechanisms to Solr and make it contributable to the open source community.
    Blog on my work: Click Here

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant   January 2015 - May 2015

    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

    TA for Search Engines course taught by Prof. Jamie Callan.
    Click here for course website

    Major Responsibilities include:
    Writing Python and Perl scripts/code for auto-grading coding assignments
    Generating tests cases for homework assignments

  • Software Developer Associate   February 2013 - July 2014

    Bank of America Merill Lynch, Chicago, IL

    Developed system integrations and auto provisioning framework for the Access Request Management system primarily using ASP.NET and JavaScript utilizing the MVC 4.0 framework
    Managed the design and analysis for new strategic initiatives
    Designed and implemented data warehouse for the enterprise repository
    Taught technical courses in Agile, SQL, Object Oriented Programming concepts

  • Head Consultant/ Administrator   October 2010 – December 2012

    Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

    Managing over 25 Lab Consultants and their day-to-day activities
    Support all the administrator duties including scheduling, approvals and shift reports
    Monitor technology laboratories

  • Software Developer Intern   June 2012 – August 2012

    Bank of America Merill Lynch, Chicago, IL

    Developed a dynamic form builder with drag and drop functionality as a plugin to various different types of industry applications
    Developed 10 features for the July 27th Production release for the Access Request Management portal
    Completed the first draft of the data warehouse architecture design.

  • Student Research Assistant   December 2009 – June 2012

    Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

    Worked for the Associate Department Head as a Web Developer
    Managed all the accounts and budgeting
    Application Development for the website
    Worked on the NSF-ITEST funded SPIRIT (Surprising Possibilities Imagined and Realized through Information Technology) project

  • Technical Analyst Intern   June 2011 – August 2011

    Bank of America Merill Lynch, Chicago, IL

    Developed features for various applications
    On-boarded 69 internal bank applications on Access Request Management portal
    Implemented UML 2.0 in the system documentation

  • iPhone Application Developer   January 2011 – February 2011

    Bard Graduate Center, New York, NY

    Developed an application for the New York museum special exhibits’ Virtual Tour of Artifacts

  • Student Assistant   March 2010 – May 2010

    Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

    Worked for the Dean of College of Technology
    Developed surveys using Qualtrics software
    Gained valuable communication skills due to constant interaction with high officials and non-technology related people


  • Question Answering system for Wikipedia articles February 2015 - May 2015

    Carnegie Mellon University

    We created a Question - Answering system, that could generate coherent, competitive and grammatical questions, given a Wikipedia article. Additionally, the system could answer questions about a given article. We used several different NLP techniques for this implementation, including dependencies like NLTK, Stanford Parser, MITIE etc. I was responsible for the preprocessing module and the answering module. Our team won the best answering system at the end of the semester.
    Team Members: Sai Sumanth Miryala, Bhawna Juneja, Pradeep Karuturi
    Youtube URL:

  • Email Personalization (Yahoo! InMind Project) August 2014 - May 2015

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Using topical and contextual information to create personalized email sorting system as a part of the Yahoo!-CMU collaboration. I used clustering techniques to generate a model per user that separates different types of emails and sorts them based on learned user preference.

  • Distracted Driving (Yahoo! InMind Project) August 2014 - May 2015

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Using speech data to detect driver distraction. Created and maintaining a driving simulation system (using Java and OpenDS) for data gathering. Controlling the human interactive system to vary cognitive load to collect speech data.
    Project URL:

  • Twitterized Speech Recognizer October 2014 - December 2014

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Using the KALDI speech recognition toolkit
    Training grapheme to phoneme converters to generate pronunciations of twitter data
    Using clustering techniques (Percy Brown's Brown Clustering) to group similar sounding words together
    Improved lexicon pronunciation dictionaries.
    Team Members: Jeremie Kim, Mrigesh Kalvai, Vivek Pai

  • Text Retrieval Models August 2014 - December 2014

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Created Text Search Engine using a pre-indexed corpus consisting of 10% of all Wikipedia webpages (Lucene), as part of the Search Engines and Web Mining courset
    Created parsers which would be able to handle structured queries consisting of operators like 'AND', 'OR', 'NEAR', 'WEIGHT', 'WINDOW' as well as handle Bag of Words(BoW) queries
    Implemented Retrieval models such as Unranked Boolean, Ranked Boolean, Okapi BM25
    Implemented statistical models like Indri with pseudo-relevance feedback

  • CIFAR 10 Image Classification August 2014 - December 2014

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Built and evaluated a robust classifier learner for object detection using the CIFAR-10 image dataset using Machine Learning techniques
    Implemented an "Ensemble of Ensembles" classifier for training the model
    Used feature extraction techniques (HOG Feature Extraction and Principle Component Analysis) for data preprocessing. The team ranked 6th (out of 123 teams) in Kaggle competition for the same.
    Team Members: Lara Martin

  • Learning to Rank (LETOR) August 2014 - December 2014

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Implemented Logistic Regression model whilst using SVMlight for Learning To Rank (LETOR). Evaluated models employing rank-based evaluation metrics - Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain (NDCG), Mean Average Precision (MAP) and Precision@N (P@N). Implemented regularized logistic regression (RLR) with gradient descent, and ran experiments on adapted RLR and SVM for LETOR, on a dataset from Microsoft Research Asia.

  • Patient Care Card System December 2011 - August 2012

    Purdue University

    Developed a desktop application to store and manage patient records, including medical history, drug dosage thresholds, insurance information and other relevant data. Also, created an access management system user interface.

  • BlowUp Gaming Application December 2012 - August 2013

    Purdue University

    Developed a mobile app for Windows phones (WP7) primarily for asthma patients. A pacifier appcessory is attached to the audio jack and detects the intensity of air blown into it. The game uses the intensity to drive away the obstacles from the animated moving path. Performed research and discussions with 30 patients and 2 doctors to validate the design.

  • AskJoe - Real-time Speech to Sign Language Translator December 2012 - August 2013

    Purdue University

    Created a web application for Windows phones (WP7) using open source speech-to-text translation library. The app converted text into animated sign language, helping the speech and hearing impaired individuals to communicate. The app framed was designed to be extended as a plug-in to video conferencing tools such as Skype and Google Hangout.

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  • Address: Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh , PA.
  • Email: suruchi.shah13[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Website:
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