Eastern China lies on the great plain formed by the river delta of the mighty Yangtse River, which flows into the sea just north of Shanghai. This is one of China's leading agricultural regions, for the river delta contains some of the most fertile land in China, farmed for some 2000 years, and it was from the produce of this region that much of the classical cooking of China was created ... (Go on)

The Food in Shanghai
-- (2/4 Menu)

(Stewed Pork Flavoured with Dried Squids

(Shanghai Vegetable Rice with Chinese Sauagess

(White Butterfly Fish Soup)

(Deep-Fried Boneless Duck)

(Pork Chop Noodle Soup)

(Steamed Pearl Balls over Chinese Mushrooms)

(Watercress and Water Chestnut Salad)

(Cold Spices French Beans)

(Steamed Ground Rice and Pork Wrapped in Lotus Leaves)

(Shanghai Hoisin Duck Cooked with Yams)

(Spiced Beansprouts with Cucumber Shreds)

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