The north of China offers a great contrast to the rest of the country: the environment is fairly bleak and the climate harsh for much of the year. The North China Plain, bordered by mountains to the north, stretches away in the west to the borders of Inner Mongolia. Spring and summer are dry and dusty, while the winters are freezing cold ... (Go on)

The Food in Peking -- (4/4 Menu)

(Cold Tossed Celery with Mustard Sauce)

(Fish Soup)

(Fish Omelettes)

(Sauteed Lamb Slices in Garlic Sauce)

(Stir-Fried Prawns with Water Chestnuts and Mangetout)

(Yellow River Carp)

(Hot Shallow-Fried King Prawns)

(Peking Sliced Chicken Omelettes in Garlic and Onion Sauce)

(Fish in Vinegar Sauce)

(Deep-Fried Chicken Pieces)

(Red-Cooked Beef with Tomatoes)

(Steamed Pears in Syrup)

(Peking Brittle Glazed Toffee Apples)

(Meringue Balls with Bean paste Stuffing)

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