The north of China offers a great contrast to the rest of the country: the environment is fairly bleak and the climate harsh for much of the year. The North China Plain, bordered by mountains to the north, stretches away in the west to the borders of Inner Mongolia. Spring and summer are dry and dusty, while the winters are freezing cold ... (Go on)

The Food in Peking -- (2/4 Menu)

(Peking Dish of Vegetables Wearing A Hat)

(Phoenix-Tail Prawns)

(Iron Plate Sizzled Chicken)

(White Braised Cabbage)

(Garlic Chicken)

(Triple Quick Fry)

(Shredded Lamb with Spring Onions)

(Prawns on Crispy Rice)

(Red-Cooked Cabbage)

(Shredded Pork with Sweet Bean Paste Over Puffy Rice Noodles)

(Onion Pancakes)

(Hot-Fried King Prawns in Breadcrumbs)

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