Srinivasan Seshan


My primary interests are in the broad areas of network protocols and distributed network applications.


In the past, I have worked on topics such as transport/routing protocols for wireless networks, fast protocol stack implementations, RAID system design, performance prediction for Internet transfers, Web server benchmarking, new approaches to congestion control, firewall design and improvements to the TCP protocol. 


My current work explores new approaches in wireless networking,online multiplayer games and new content-aware network architectures.

  1. 1.RFDump: An Architecture for Monitoring the Wireless Ether
    ACM CoNEXT, Dec. 2009.
    Details. Download: PDF, PostScript, PowerPoint.

  2. 2.DIRC: Increasing Indoor Wireless Capacity Using Directional Antennas
    ACM SIGCOMM, Aug. 2009.
    Details. Download: PDF, PostScript, PowerPoint.

  3. 3.Wifi-reports: improving wireless network selection with collaboration
    ACM MobiSys, June 2009.
    Details. Download: PDF, PostScript, PowerPoint.

  4. 4.Geo-fencing: Confining Wi-Fi Coverage to Physical Boundaries
    Pervasive Computing, May 2009.
    Details. Download: PDF, PostScript.

  5. 5.Enabling MAC Protocol Implementations on Software-defined Radios
    USENIX NSDI, Apr. 2009.
    Details. Download: PDF, PostScript, PowerPoint.

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