April 13: Due date for project writeup is April 29

April 7: Solutions to the first midterm are here

Mar 23: My office hours on Monday, April 25, will be from 3-4pm instead of the usual 12-1pm. Please send me e-mail if these times don't work for you. Bianca.

Mar 18: In Question 1 on HW4, use

Mar 13: HW4 is out.

Mar 7: Solutions to HW3 are out.

Mar 6: Last year's midterm can be found here.

Feb 28: Important update on question 11: the delay on the bottleneck link should be 100ms instead of 40ms. Sorry for the confusion ..

Feb 27: In Q11.tcl in the homework the delay between R_2 and the destination nodes should be 5ms instead of 100ms. Please either change this in your script or download the latest version of Q11.tcl.

Feb 20: Homework 3 has been posted.

Feb 16: In Question 2 on the hw assume you have a 10Mb Ethernet. In Question 7 you can assume that all links have the same link weight.

Feb 15: Sample solutions to homework 1 are out.

Feb 15: Question 3 on the hw is not a trick question, it's really that easy...

Feb 10: Project ideas have been posted. Please check here.

Feb 8: Homework 2 is out. It is due on Feb 18.

Jan 28: There seem to be problems compiling ns with gcc 3.0. If using gcc 3.0 read this.