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This web page represents a branch of the Distributed Virtual Library of the CMU Science Fiction & Fantasy Society, a new (unrecognized) organization for Carnegie-Mellon-affiliated-people who like to read works of science fiction and/or fantasy.

Finally went through the piles I collected this summer. I also made up a dorky [\ gif; not that you care when I acquired something, but actually I do since the "new" ones are mostly in one or more bureau drawers (ran out of shelves) so it really means "sprite, maybe you should get around to dealing with those even though the piles are not out where you trip over them anymore."

The comments were generally added around 3 am, from memory, so I won't vouch for either accuracy or usefulness. I'll probably disown half of them if I ever read right through the page again.

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Adams, Douglas

Adams, Richard

Anderson, Poul


Asimov, Isaac

Austen, Jane

Ball, Margaret

Banks, Iain M.

Bear, Greg

Bellairs, John

Benford, Gregory

bes shahar, eluki

Bester, Alfred

Blake, Katherine

Blish, James

Boyett, Steven R.

Bradbury, Ray

Bradley, Marion Zimmer

Brin, David

Brock, Betty

Browm, Mary

Brunner, John

Brust, Steven

Brust and Bull

Bujold, Lois McMaster

Bull, Emma

Cabell, James Branch

Callin, Grant

Ceram, C.W.

Chambers, Robert W.

Chant, Joy

Cherryh, C.J.

Clement, Hal

Cook, Glen

Crichton, Michael

Cross, Amanda


Dann, Jack (ed.)


Dean, Pamela

De_Camp and Pratt

De_Lint, Charles

Dickson, Gordon

Donaldson, Stephen

Downer, Ann

Drake, David

Durgin, Doranna

Duane, Diane


Dunnett, Dorothy

Eddison, E.R.

Effinger, George Alec

Egan, Greg

Elgin, Suzette Haden

Ellison, Harlan

Feynman, Richard

Ford, John M.

Forester, C.S.

Gaiman, Neil

Garner, Alan

Garrett, Randall

Gilbreth and Carey

Goldman, William

Greeley, Andrew M.

Gould, Steven

Gibson, William

Graves, Robert

Haldeman, Joe

Harrison, Harry

Henderson, Zenna

Heyerdahl, Thor

Hodgell, P.C.


Holdstock, Robert

Hoover, H.M.

Huff, Tanya

Hughart, Barry

Ipcar, Dahlov

Jansson, Tove

Joyce, James

Kagan, Janet

Karr, Phyllis

Kemelman, Harry


Kerr, Katharine

Kipling, Rudyard


Kurtz, Katherine

Kuttner, Henry

Lackey, Mercedes

Lawrence, T.E.

Le_Guin, Ursula K.

L'Engle, Madeleine

Lee, John

Leinster, Murray

Levy, Steven

Lewis, C.S.

Lindholm, Megan


Lisle, Holly

Lovecraft, H.P.

Macaulay, David

MacAvoy, R.A.

Martin, George R.R.

McCaffrey, Anne

McIntyre, Vonda

McKillip, Patricia

McKinley, Robin

McLoughlin, John

Meyer, Nicholas


Miller_jr, Walter M.

Milne, A.A.

Moon, Elizabeth

Moorcock, Michael

Montgomery, L.M.

Moran, Daniel Keyes

Morrow, James

Myers, John Myers

Niven, Larry

O'Brian, Patrick

King & Hattendorf

Grossman & Thomas

Panshin, Alexei

Powell, Anthony

Peake, Mervyn

Pierce, Meredith Ann

Piper, H. Beam

Powers, Tim

Pullman, Philip

(I seem to have missed out on "Q".)

Raskin, Ellen

Renault, Mary

Robinson, Kim Stanley

Robinson, Spider

Rosenberg, Joel

Rostand, Edmond

Sayers, Dorothy

Scarborough, Elizabeth


Schmitz, James H.

Sendak, Maurice

Shakespeare, William

Shea, Michael

Sheffield, Charles

Shetterly, Will

Shwartz, Susan and Greenberg, Martin H. (ed.s)

Silverberg, Robert

Sleator, William

Smith, E.E. "Doc"

Stasheff, Christopher

Stephenson, Neal

Stevermer, Caroline

Stewart, Mary

Stewart, Sean

Stirling, S.M.

Swanwich, Michael

Tan, Amy

Tarr, Judith

Tepper, Sheri

Thurber, James

Tiptree_jr, James

Tolkien, J.R.R.


Vinge, Joan D.

Vinge, Vernor

Wangerin_jr, Walter

Watt-Evans, Lawrence

Weber, David

White, James

White, T.H.

Wilhelm, Kate

Willey, Elizabeth

Williams, Michael

Willis, Connie

Wodehouse, P.G.

Wolfe, Gene

Wrede, Patricia

Why no Y?

Zahn, Timothy

Zelazny, Roger

"Graphic Novels"





Cool. I didn't know I had that many books. Now I just have to strip the html and install this on my palmpilot. "I die. I stand in the used-book store, unable to remember whether I own the book I'm holding. ..."

Bridget Spitznagel
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