The Inn of Tranquillity: Studies and Essays

By John Galsworthy

The Inn of Tranquillity: Studies and Essays is a collection of short stories, essays, and other pieces that was originally issued in 1912. Most of these pieces were originally published in periodicals, including the Fortnightly Review, Scribner's Magazine, English Review, Atlantic Monthly, Century Magazine, Nation, Eye-Witness, and Daily News.

Project Gutenberg has recently released a set of four files titled "Studies and Essays" which contains the pieces in this collection, although using a different ordering and organization from the original collection. Below, we give the Gutenberg ordering, and then show the ordering that was used in the original collection.

Project Gutenberg has also recently released a file with the entire contents, in a slightly different order from below. (I'm not sure what edition they're basing this ordering on.) You can find it here.

The collection as originally issued appeared in this order:

This is a "meta-book", which stitches together separate files elsewhere on the Web as they appeared in a previously published book. It is subject to removal if someone produces an integrated edition; if this happens, the Online Books Page will point to the integrated version. For questions, and comments, write to