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The Palgrave Economics Library offers the full text of selected books on economics, as well as sample chapters of many more books. Users must register to get access to these resources. Users must also accept cookies from the Palgrave site to get past the registration page.

Registration Disclosures

To register, you must give your name, and postal and email addresses. (You will also need to provide a username and password; for security reasons, I strongly urge that these not be the same as those used for your normal computer accounts, but instead be ones made up specifically for the site.) Other information is asked for, but is optional.

Privacy Policy

According to Anna Sandeman of Palgrave, user email and registration information will only be used by Palgrave and will not be disclosed to other companies.

Electronic Mail

Palgrave sends out mail to interested users, probably also including registrants. According to Anna Sandeman of Palgrave, users can subscribe and unsubscribe from mailing lists at any time by contacting the web editor ( Registered users will still be allowed free access to the library after unsubscribing from mailing lists.

Registration and Library Access

See this page for registration and access to the library.
This page is maintained as a service of The On-Line Books Page. This page has no affiliation with the archive mentioned above or its maintainer.

The On-Line Books Page lists books that are available in their entirety on the Net without charge. Sites that require registration for free access are eligible for listing if they respect user privacy, and allow users to opt out of unwanted email (while still having access to the site). Such sites also need to provide clear statements about these issues.

The information above was believed accurate as of 27 March 2001. Please notify if any changes are warranted.