Welcome to My Home Page! | Please Wait It Is Under Construction...

In the mean time feel free to visit either:

1 - The "Classic" page at: http://web.utk.edu/~spns

2 - Obtain Contact Information via the finger spns@cs.cmu.edu command

3 - Download PAT Schedules for CMU <--> Squirrel Hill as Excel files in a ZIP archive

4 - Go to my RI page (which has a photograph) at this link http://www.ri.cmu.edu/people/singh_surya.html

5 - Download a publication draft, such as: Immunology Directed Methods for Distributed Robotics: A Novel, Immunity-Based Architecture for Robust Control & Coordination or Kilorobot Exploration & Mapping Using An Immunology-derived Method

or 6 - Download My Resume as an Acrobat File
(Needs Acrobat Reader 3 or greater)

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