Steven P Dow

Steven Dow

Design can no longer be seen as a solitary endeavor where a designer, through pure force of talent, improves a product or service, and then hands it off to a community of use. My research empirically examines design practices and develops technology to support creative individuals, groups, and crowds. We seek to deepen our understanding of how the creative process works, to improve design practice for teams, and to teach design effectively to larger audiences. MORE...

BIO: Steven is an Assistant Professor at the HCI Institute at Carnegie Mellon University where he researches human-computer interaction, social computing, design education, and prototyping. He is co-recipient of two National Science Foundation grants, Stanford's Postdoctoral Research Award, and the Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Grant. He received an MS and PhD in Human-Centered Computing from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from University of Iowa. See FULL CV, PORTFOLIO, and the PROTOLAB research site.


SPRING: Find out more about research opportunities in the PROTOLAB.
FEB: Kurt Luther demos our CrowdCrit research at CSCW'14.
FEB: Joel Chan presents a poster on Conceptual Distance at CSCW'14.
FEB: Haiyi Zhu presents our paper on Crowd Learning at CSCW'14.
FEB: Paul Andre presents our paper on Crowd Synthesis at CSCW'14.
APR: Lydia Chilton will present our work on Frenzy at CHI'14.
APR: Corina Sas will present our work on Design Research at CHI'14.


Community Clustering: Leveraging an Academic Crowd to Form Coherent Conference Sessions, Paul Andre, Haoqi Zhang, Juho Kim, Lydia B. Chilton, Steven P. Dow, and Robert C. Miller. In AAAI Conf on Human Computation, 2013 (Notable Paper Award). video

Cobi: A Community-Informed Conference Scheduling Tool, Juho Kim, Haoqi Zhang, Paul Andre, Lydia B. Chilton, Wendy Mackay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Robert C. Miller, and Steven P. Dow. In Conf on User Interface Software and Technology, 2013. cit. video

A Preliminary Study of Using Crowds in the Classroom, Steven P. Dow, Liz Gerber, and Audris Wong. ACM CHI Conference, 2013. cit. video

Let’s Get Together: The Formation and Success of Online Creative Collaborations, Burr Settles and Steven P. Dow. ACM CHI Conference, 2013. cit. video

Shepherding the Crowd Yields Better Work, Steven P. Dow, Anand Kulkarni, Scott R Klemmer, and Björn Hartmann. ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 2012. cit.

Prototyping Dynamics: Sharing Multiple Designs Improves Exploration, Group Rapport, and Results, Steven P. Dow, Julie Fortuna, Dan Schwartz, Beth Altringer, Daniel L Schwartz, and Scott R Klemmer. ACM CHI Conference, 2011. cit.

Parallel Prototyping Leads to Better Design Results, More Divergence, and Increased Self-Efficacy, Steven P. Dow, Alana Glassco, Jonathan Kass, Melissa Schwarz, Daniel L Schwartz, Scott R Klemmer, Trans on Computer-Human Interaction, 11(4), 2010. cit.

The Efficacy of Prototyping Under Time Constraints, Steven P. Dow, Kate Heddleston, Scott R. Klemmer, ACM SIGCHI Conference on Creativity & Cognition, 2009. cit.

Eliza meets the Wizard-of-Oz: Blending Machine and Human Control of Embodied Characters, Steven P. Dow, Manish Mehta, Blair MacIntyre, Michael Mateas, ACM CHI Conference, 2010. cit. video


Assistant Professor
HCI Institute
Carnegie Mellon University


spdow at cs dot cmu dot edu
3615 Newell Simon Hall
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Tel: +1 412 268 1513
Office hrs: FRI 2-4p
Teaching: T/TH 3:30-5p


FEB 15-19 CSCW 2014
Baltimore, MA
APR 26-30 CHI 2014
Toronto, ON
MAY 2-8 Sister HCI program
Madeira, Portugal




This research is made possible by generous financial support from the National Science Foundation, the Hasso Plattner Research Program, and the Berkman Faculty Fund.


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