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System Requirements

  • The system requires the Java Developers Kit version 1.1.

  • Web browsers (Netscape or Internet Explorer) need to be configured to use their local http servers as proxy servers to the Internet. To do this:

    1. Select "Edit" from the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on the selection, "Preferences."

    2. Once this window is up, go down the tree on the left until you see "Advanced," and double-click on the word to bring up it's own set of selections.

    3. Click "Proxies," and select the choice that allows you to configure your own proxy server, "Manual proxy configuration."

    4. Once you have done this, click "View" to open up the window that allows you to fill in the proxy address yourself, and enter the address in the field marked "HTTP." The screen should look similar to the image below. Please remember to enter your http server's address in the box marked "HTTP," and not the one shown below.

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