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The Robotics Institute has a convention with the Holiday Inn Select, at $99.00 per night. Please send e-mail to ask for the special RI Rate code. The Holiday Inn Select University Center 100 Lytton Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15213 Phone: 412-682-6200 x6116 Rate: $99.00.

The Robotics Institute also lists hotels between CMU and the airport at Since the aiport is 50 minutes away from CMU, we recommend a hotel that is closer to campus. The CMU Accommodations page: shows listings and their proximity to CMU. The hotels for Shadyside and Oakland are preferable.

Travel to Campus:

The Holiday Inn Select University Center has shuttle service available to CMU.

Other hotels might have a special rate convention with CMU and/or the Robotics Institute, so please be sure to ask.

Directions to Campus:

The following URL provides some driving directions to campus:

Directions to the Intelligent Software Agents Laboratory:

Our offices are on the first floor of Newell-Simon Hall (NSH) in 1602. You can either enter on the first floor (left-hand side), or on the third floor (bottom-center) of the building, as shown on the map.

Referring to the map,
1. head east from the parking garage;
2. pass the University Center;
3. pass between the Purnell Center and Warner Hall;
4. Above Cyert Hall you will see two unlabeled buildings. The one above it is a former Navy building (you may recognize the style), and is called the "Old Student Center". The unlabeled building above the Student Center is the "Printing Office".
Walk between the Student Center and Printing Office.
At the far corner of the Student Center are stairs to an open parking lot.
Go down the stairs, and Newell Simon Hall is at the 10 o'clock side of the parking lot. The entrance is on the third floor.
8. If you miss the stairs to the parking lot and continue down the steep ramp, either turn right at the bottom, into the parking lot, or continue down the next two flights of stairs (the second flight is short). The main first floor entrance to Newell Simon Hall is on the left side of the building (left of the High Bay area).


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