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Written by: Michael D. Rectenwald,  December 6, 2000

Supports the New World Wide Web of Services
The Intelligent Software Agents/RETSINA Group at The Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon is changing the World Wide Web from a web of information to a web of services.
The RETSINA Groupís vision of the web is one in which intelligent software agents will read the content of web pages, advertise their services, and find other agents who will perform needed services for their human subscribers. Intelligent software agents will find information, coordinate it with other domain-specific data, perform scheduling, planning and other tasks, flexibly and dynamically responding to changes in their environments. The World Wide Web will change from a static web of information to a dynamic web populated by agents performing various tasks for their human users.
To that end, the ATLAS project (Agent Transaction Language for Advertising Services) is developing the language to translate web-based content and structure into an agent-friendly semantics. Developing DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language), ATLAS is part of the second web revolution, which is to establish a markup language that allows intelligent software agents to reason and draw inferences about web content.
Currently, we are developing the language (ontologies) for describing agents, from which agents will be able to deduce each otherís capabilities. The language will help describe agent functionality and the services that agents and web resources can provide.
We welcome you or members of your writing staff to visit and interview our relevant researchers, and to watch demonstrations of our agent technology in action.



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