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Written by: Michael D. Rectenwald, December 6, 2000

Intelligent Software Agents Group Introduces Multi-Agent Stock Manager


The Intelligent Software Agents/RETSINA Group at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute has developed WARREN, a multi-agent system for stock portfolio management. The WARREN system, named for famed American investor and author Warren Buffet, deploys a system of agents—autonomous, intelligent software distributed across networks of information and expertise—to address the problem of stock portfolio management.

The WARREN system builds on current investment practices and deploys a number of different autonomous software agents. These heterogeneous agents acquire information from and monitor changes to stock reporting databases, interpret stock information, track and filter relevant financial news articles, and notify users of important criteria, such as their stock portfolio’s Beta rating.

The WARREN system is designed to monitor the ongoing portfolio management process, and to function under conditions of extreme uncertainty. WARREN serves as an example of distributed multi-agent computing at its best, with multiple, heterogeneous agents operating in and communicating across multiple domains of human knowledge. Using RETSINA agents, investment advisors can rapidly and reliably create complex “what-if” scenarios with real-time market data, monitoring results on their laptops, PDAs, or cell-phones.

We welcome you and/or members of your writing staff to come and experience a demonstration of WARREN or other software agent technology. Carnegie Mellon’s Intelligent Software Agents/RETSINA Group leads the world in agent technology, solving problems that others are only beginning to take note of, and applying agent technology to multiple areas of internet computing. We hope to introduce you to the world of agent technology soon.

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