DMA2ICal - Agenda Ontology Markup Translater Agent

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The DMA2ICal Agent provides a translation service between the DAML Meeting Agenda Ontology and the Hybrid RDF Calendar Ontology (or ICal Ontology). Both ontologies can be used to mark up Meeting Agendas and Schedules on the Semantic Web. Agents such as the Retsina Calendar Agent (developed as part of the CMU DAML effort), which reasons about schedules marked up using the ICal Ontology, can utilize translation services such as the DMA2ICal Agent to access and "understand" schedules marked up using other ontologies.

Agenda Examples

The DAML Meeting Agenda Ontology was particularly designed to accommodate shuffling and resizing of talks during meeting planning (by specifying durations rather than actual times), and to provide an archival record of the meeting (by providing links to speakers and briefings). The following examples are taken from past DARPA DAML meetings, and include the html markup (generated by Mike Dean'sGenHTML WWW Form Interface).

DAML Meeting Agenda Markup ICal Markup HTML
DAML Nashua PI Meeting, 2001 Using DAML2ICal Using genhtml
Semantic Web for Military Users 2, 2001 Using DAML2ICal Using genhtml
DAML Tampa PI Meeting, 2002 Using DAML2ICal Using genhtml

WWW Form Interface

You can use this form to translate an agenda marked up with the DAML Meeting Agenda Ontology into an agenda marked up using the ICal Ontology. You can the post the result to your project/meeting web site, or use the CGI interface dynamically.

Please direct any questions/problems to Rahul Singh


WWW CGI Interface

Using the CGI Interface from RCAL A CGI interface is also available for use directly from HTML pages, via web browsers, or when entering URLs (see opposite). You can include such a link on your meeting dispatch page or save the resulting ICAL Markup.

Implementation is a java class that generates ICal based markup for the agenda. It computes actual talk and break times from the day start times and durations, and is based on Mike Dean's program. It uses the Jena framework and Castor to convert the XML Schema timeInstant and timeDuration datatypes.

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