Objective FIPA-Standard Middle agents allow heterogeneous agent types to interoperate successfully. To provide a coordination mechanism for already-existing applications and databases
Version JADE 2.4 and LEAP 2.0 AFC SDK 1.15 Bee-gent 2.1
Organization CSELT and LEAP Project Robotics Institute, CMU TOSHIBA Corp.
Language Java C++,C,Java Java
Platform / OS Any platform where Java VM is available Windows, SunOS, Linux Any platform where Java VM is available
Agent Intelligence
Interaction Protocol Useful behavioral patterns are provided. Also, FIPA-defined protocols are implemented in advance. A specific Interaction Protocol handling module cannot be found. IPs are described in UML state diagram and sequence diagram in the visual editor. Also, some patterns are provided.
Planning facility Provided by JESS (Java shell of CLIPS) Generic planning facilities are provided Provided. It's similar to JACK.
Reasoning facility Provided by JESS (Java shell of CLIPS) It seems to be there, but not in AFC SDK. Provided. It's similar to JACK.
BDI model Agents' mental states are implicitly expressed at the execution of Interaction Protocol. Belief DB is present for agents and developers to use. Provided. It's similar to JACK.
Agent utilities / tools
Naming / Directory  Service Federated FIPA-DF with GUI ANS (currently not federated), UPnP discovery as alternative to ANS LDAP wrapper is provided.
Others JSP support Matchmaker, User profile management, GPS tool, NLP, Grid display,
Decision-making for route planning and team coordination, Mail, Speech, Movie
Servlet support
System features
Message format FIPA ACL S-expression, XML representation, and Bit-efficient encoding (for wireless). As a content language, SL0 is supported. KQML is the current ACL used by AFC agents. XML support is under development. FIPA ACL XML representation. But any specific content language is not provided.
Message transport IIOP (CORBA), Http (SOAP is not yet), TCP/IP socket for inter-platforms. RMI for intra-platform. SMTP and WAP are under development. TCP/IP socket Http (SOAP is not yet)
Security feature (tampering and leakage of communication) " Today no security aspect has been implemented in JADE. Good work is however ongoing and we expect to introduce security at the end of 2001. " No specific security component implemented. Provisions are present for future implementations. SSL for agent messages and Toshiba's own  encryption algorithm for mobile agents (not released to public).
Safety feature I cannot find the description about safety. I cannot find the description about safety. Snapshots of agents to be taken at any time
Mobility support Possible within a platform Planned in future versions Possible
Device support LEAP (a subset of JADE) is for J2ME-CLDC and pJava. Smallest agent ever built: 32K for PalmOS Now implementing for cellar phones which installed J2ME-CLDC
Architectural feature FIPA architecture, i.e., AMS, DF, MTP, etc. Containment of Agent Shell, Agent Container and Modules. Pre-defined Agent Shells are shipped with AFC. Wrapper architecture. Stationary agents can wrap the applications and mobile agents go around them.
Standard spec. FIPA None FIPA (agent message only)
Development, Monitoring and Management
Development tools The following monitoring agents can be also used for debugging use. Integrated into Visual C++ 6.0 for Windows Interaction Protocol and Rules for Planning and Reasoning can be described in the visual editor.
Monitoring tools Platform administration agent, message inspection agent, and message tracking agent with a graphical interface. - MessageCenter allows you to send custom messages, debug ACL messages, and interact with an ANS. DemoDisplay allows visualization of agent interaction. MatchMaker Tools allow investigation of middle agents Web browsers-based monitoring and management tool for agent current status and messages  (not released to public).
Documents Administrator's Guide, Programmer's Guide, (lots of) Tutorials, Java API document, FAQ, etc. AFC Developers Guide Getting Started, Tutorial, Tools Manual, Java API document, FAQ, etc.
Source code Yes No No
Samples 14 examples (Ping to JESS) 16 example (GUI agent to Matchmaker to Auction to Planning) 11 examples (Hello world to Planning)