Please provide the appropriate information in the form below to construct an advertisement for your agent. When you have filled in the form, hit the Advertise button at the bottom of the page, to both advertise your agent with the A-Match system, and provide you with a verification display of your advertisement.

The Description field should contain enough information, by itself, for the user to decide if your agent can provide the services that he or she needs. This description will show up next to your agent's name when A-Match displays it to a user.

The Taxonomy field sets the context for the matchmaker. The user is expected to enter a word that specifies the domain of the agent. For a complete list of domains already understood by the matchmaker, visit the taxonomy library.

The Typed Input/Output Variables fields describe what the agent expects for input and what kind of output it should return. For instance, if your agent provides weather forecasts, it requires the name of the city in order for it to provide the weather.

These three fields are used by the matchmaker to match advertisements with requests. In order to make an effective advertisement, these fields must be filled in.

The Sample Query field (optional) should contain an example of a request message formatted to be understandable by your agent. Given the sample query, a programmer should be able to construct valid request messages to send to your agent.

The Query Interface URL field (optional) should contain the url for a web page that could provide additional information about the agent, and would help a user to request information from your agent without needing to construct the request message by hand. (This page, for example, allows one to advertise an agent without needing to know the details of the advertisement format.)

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