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Stefan Muller

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Hah, that's funny. I don't have time for hobbies. But when I do find myself with a few minutes of free time (or, in some cases, while I'm working), here's a partial list of things I do, or used to do.

Walking: I like to walk, especially when I'm thinking about something. Pacing in my office while thinking about research gets boring, so sometimes my pacing will spill out into the hall, around CMU, or even into Schenley Park. So if you see me walking around muttering something, I'm not crazy. Or, at least, that's not why I'm walking and muttering. Feel free to say hi.

Web Design: Contrary to popular belief, the degree I'm pursuing has nothing to do with making websites. At the risk of confusing this point, however, I do design and build the occasional website. This one, for instance. No, I won't make you a website.

Youth Rights: For much of my life, I've been involved in the youth rights movement, based on the idea that young people are people who deserve respect and a voice in the community. Concrete instantiations of this philosophy include lowering the voting and drinking ages, and advocating reasonable, common-sense policies in schools. I am a former president and former board member of the National Youth Rights Association, a national non-profit organization that fights for these causes. If you disagree (or agree) and want to discuss, I'm always happy to talk about these issues. Be prepared for a long, heated discussion.

Singing: I sang in choirs in high school and college (the Harvard Glee Club) and an a capella group, Harvard Glee Club Lite. Now, I mostly sing randomly around the house.

Favorite Programming Languages

  • Functional: OCaml (sorry CMU people)
  • Dynamic/Scripting: Python
  • To use as a negative example: C++
  • Esoteric: LOLCODE