Daniel D. Sleator's anonymous FTP page

This page contains my stuff that can be taken via anonymous FTP. Contents:
This directory contains some prose and programs that may be useful for program chairs in STOC/FOCS-like conferences. It contains a program for doing a variety of tasks, documentation for the program, and instructions to program committee members on the ethics and mechanics of being on a committee. After browsing this, you may wish to GRAB the entire directory in tar format.
A C implementation of simple top-down splay from "Self-adjusting Binary Search Trees by Sleator and Tarjan.
An extension of the above implementation of top-down splaying that maintains the size of each node.
A postscript file containing the link grammar tech report. (91 pages)
Grammatical Trigrams: A Probabilistic Model of Link Grammar, by John Lafferty, Daniel Sleator, and Davy Temperley


In this paper we present a new class of language models. This class derives from link grammar, a context-free formalism for the description of natural language. We describe an algorithm for determining maximum-likelihood estimates of the parameters of these models. The language models which we present differ from previous models based on stochastic context-free grammars in that they are highly lexical. In particular, they the familiar $n$-gram models as a natural subclass. The motivation for considering this class is to estimate the contribution which grammar can make to reducing the relative entropy of natural language.

A postscript file containing a short version (14 pages) of the paper. Everything here is also in the tech report, except a nice small dictionary, along with an explanation of how it works.
"Computer analysis of sprouts" by Applegate, Jacobson, and Sleator.
The text of "Oddballs" by William Sleator (the author of "Interstellar Pig", "The Green Futures of Tycho", and may other books) about growing up in the Sleator family. This soon-to-be bestseller will be published by Dutton books later this year.
I read your brother's manuscript on a flight to Florida last week. It was funny, moving, gross, nostalgic and incredibly insightful. Most of all, I liked it because I was reminded of my own oddball youth which at the time, was more painful than amusing. In retrospect, it was probably pretty funny.

Mary F. Fernandez

This directory contains the most recent version of our grammar system. To try the system, get all the files from that directory, and follow instructions in the README file located there.
This directory contains the grammar system (program and dictionary) used to make the transcript in the tech report. It is vastly inferior to the system in grammar. You don't need this unless you want to check that we're telling the truth in the paper.
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