Sharath Rao K.

Achtung ! Having graduated in Aug 2007, I will be with Yahoo Applied Research at Santa Clara starting Oct 2007.

Greetings ! I am a second year graduate student at the Language Technologies Institute at the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.  I work with Dr. Tanja Schultz on the GALE project, specifically on the annotation of disfluencies in spoken language and automatic sentence segmentation to improve speech translation. 

My broad interests include other aspects of statistical natural language processing such as speech recognition, information retrieval and machine learning.


I have been a student for as long as I can remember and at more than just a few institutions ! 



I have been an active member of my high school alumni related activities. Ashith and I setup an online alumni group - The Melting Pot - that brought together over 150 of our far flung classmates ! Also,  with my friends, I maintain a blog - thelittlerocker - related to alumni news and updates. Little Rock is celebrating 25 years of its existence and I have been coordinating some activities related to the celebrations slated for Dec 16-17, 2006.  Now and then, I update the Wikipedia page.  And finally I manage the orkut community that brings together over 1600 of my school mates. I started the Class photograph collection project - do you have your class photographs from Little Rock ? Write to me !  I recently co-authored a case-study with Ashith that describes what my classmates from high school have been doing. Its been published in a 25th anniversary souvenir published by my school.  

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