My research interests cover a variety of topics in the intersection of sensor networks, databases, and sensor networks. My (a bit outdated) research statement is here [html] [ps] [pdf].

Current Research

Previous Systems Research

We are looking at providing flexible search techniques in distributed hash-based P2P systems. Existing hash-based P2P systems (e.g. CAN, Chord, PAST) are more scalable than traditional P2P systems (e.g. Gnutella, Napster etc.), but they support lookup for objects only given their exact identifiers (e.g. object name). We are looking for approaches that enable flexible searches (that are possible in Gnutella- or Napster-like model) for objects in such systems while still maintaining their scalability. Our current proposal, SPINDEX, allows search for objects in such systems using object name, some limited substring of name, keywords, value-attribute pair, and any combination of them. We are investigating the feasibility and scalability of our proposal.

  • General In-kernel accelaration of distributed application

    I spent Summer 2001 at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in the Adaptive Fast Path Architecture (AFPA) group, working on their In-kernel Application Acceleration project. My focus was to develop an in-kernel mechanism that would accelerate AFPA web server in delivering dynamic content.

  • Reconfigurable Computing

    Implemented a new configuration caching algorithm for maintaining configurations on the FPGA during program execution. The new algorithm performed significantly better than the existing ones. Also studied the performance of multi-level caching.

    • Configuration caching and swapping. [ps][pdf]
    Suraj Sudhir, Suman Nath, Seth Goldstein.
    In Proc. of the
    11th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic (FPL 2001), Vol 2147 of Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 192-202. Belfast, UK, Aug 2001.
  • Multemedia Security

    We proposed a solution to secure RSVP messages in a flexible, efficient, and scalable manner.

    • RSVP-SQoS : A Secure RSVP Protocol.[ps]
    Vanish Talwar, Suman Kumar Nath, and Klara Nahrstedt.
    Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2001 (ICME2001), Tokyo, Japan, August, 2001.

Previous Theory Research
  • Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures
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  • Mathematical Analysis
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